Dogging in Barcelona. Sex with strangers

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We all know that in sex there are no limits, and there are those who dare to experience new things and those who do not. Are you one of the first or the second?

Let’s talk about sexual fantasies. We all know that sex in public places is very morbid. But there is a sexual practice that has its extra morbidity for being carried out in public places and that has many followers: Dogging.

Dogging: a daring sexual practice

Dogging is public sex with strangers that can be carried out in public places such as in the countryside, areas removed from housing developments, in cars, etc., but always in discreet places. Punctual relationships with strangers with previous place and time online.

What is the origin of Dogging?

It began in the seventies in the United Kingdom. And there are two versions. One that resulted when men went for a walk with their dogs and met couples having sex, making them participate in the end. The other is based on the fact that since it was sex in the street, as dogs do, the term “dogging” was coined.

Dogging in Barcelona

If you are or are passing through Barcelona, ​​you are in luck, because there is a good community of sexual encounters of this type. But dogging in Spain can be done in many other provinces. For example, in Dogging Spain, a whole community of encounters with strangers to stay throughout the national territory.

Dogging and its rules

As a sexual practice with strangers, it is mandatory to adhere to rules for the good of the participants. Use condoms, fundamental. If you attend a meeting but have not been given prior permission to participate, the participant can only observe and respect those decisions.

Conversely, if you want an observer assistant to participate but he decides not to, he must also be respected. The furniture of the public space also to be respected and not. Or take into account the jurisdiction of each country, in case of being outside of Spain, since according to where, it may be a public scandal if you are caught off guard.

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