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Club Roma 122 has very modern facilities, where the shades in red are predominant with a simple but elegant decoration. Located in an exclusive environment in the area of Nova Esquerra de la Eixample, one of the best tourist areas of Barcelona.

The place is distributed in a single floor, with wide corridors that take you to the rooms. The club has five spacious rooms with large beds and mattresses with hypoallergenic leather cover for maximum pleasure and relaxation. Some of them have a bathtub and others have large showers.

One of the rooms has an ozone-treated swimming pool. Ozone provides antibacterial, anti-infectious and analgesic properties. In addition, the use of ozonized water produces a very pleasant relaxing and invigorating effect, reducing and eliminating stress and anxiety.

The bar area is very spacious, the L-shaped bar provides customers with a more intimate and secluded place to have a drink more discreetly. The best music of the moment with quality drinks and a fully air-conditioned room.

You can visit Club Roma 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.